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TOP 10 reasons to have a gaming arm sleeve

Posted by yacine dm on

More and more players are using compression arm sleeves. So why not try them too? Gaming arm sleeves have many advantages and uses.

Compression Arm Sleeves are intended for hardcore gamers and professional esports players who spend more than 4 hours a day playing. Most video games can be considered e-sports, and this product helps to prevent injuries that occur when playing for long periods of time.

What are compression game arm sleeves?

Arm sleeves are very popular in the sports environment. These are used by athletes to promote blood circulation and maintain arm temperature . In this way, it offers professional players rapid recovery from muscle stress.

A sleeve for a player may seem unconventional. However, many professional gamers spend many hours a day training for international esports competitions and deal with stress and muscle fatigue from the game controller and mouse.

How do Arm Sleeves work?

Compression gaming sleeves have benefits for your health and performance when you train or play. 

The Arm sleeves present  many advantages.

  • Strengthens venous return, i.e. accelerates blood flow
  • Reduces the build-up of toxins in a muscle that naturally accumulates a lot
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins during exercise
  • Improved recovery after exercise
  • Reduction of pain associated with physical activity and reduction of muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Improved endurance and prolongation of effort
  • Reduction of muscle vibrations
  • Improved oxygenation of muscles , tendons and ligaments
  • Better ability to regulate humidity and ability to absorb perspiration .
  • The Arm Sleeves are made in superior quality to suit all tastes. 

Arm sleeves for gaming and esports performance?

Muscles need oxygen to function, and the more intense the effort, the greater the need. Blood carries oxygen . Thus, by promoting venous return, the oxygen supply to the muscles is favored, optimizing their performance.

On the other hand, in the case of muscle pain, the wrists can limit the sensation of pain by reducing shock and vibration, which will occur during a competitive game.

This leads to increased blood flow, also called venous return. This is how we will bring fresh oxygen to our muscles in quantity and more quickly.

If you are a player and looking to improve your performance, wearing an arm sleeve is essential.

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