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Arm sleeve the best disguise for the Japan Touch | DM TECHS

Posted by yacine dm on

Lovers of Japanese and Asian culture know how important it is to have a costume on Japan Touch Day . For the occasion, we share with you the best plan to have a magnificent cosplay. The arm sleeve is the new trendy disguise for all events.

Japan touch is the place for fans of Asian culture and for the occasion all visitors dress up as their favorite manga or video game character.


Play your favorite character by simply wearing a magnificent arm sleeve. 

More and more visitors are wearing anime arm sleeves. So why not try them too?
No matter where you go in the world today, there is a great passion and following for all things anime like Naruto, One Piece, Demon slayer and more.

Sometimes it's hard to get all that inspiration and creativity together so the arm sleeves below can help you get dressed up enough for Japan Touch.

Original models inspiring Asian countries

Usually, the creation of these costumes requires a lot of expenses, but arm sleeve specialist Dm Techs creates new, original collections every year with its costume experts.

If you are still looking for a cosplay, the arm sleeve is the ideal choice.

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