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Gaming sleeve what is it for?

Dm techs gaming sleeves are the most efficient in eSports.

DM TECHS gaming sleeves use the latest textile technologies.
The gaming cuff is made of the latest generation polyester with a combination of ice silk performance fabric . They have a light texture for optimal comfort in play.

Our gaming sleeves are developed by our video game specialists, the compression sleeves allow optimal sliding and provide increased oxygenation of the muscles .

Compression sleeves from DM Techs have demonstrated that reaction times and precision are significantly increased.
In fact, new players using a gaming sleeve have a performance gain of 73%.

When playing games that require many commands to be performed simultaneously, the compression arm sleeve helps regulate your body temperature. Maintaining a regular body temperature improves endurance during prolonged exercise.

How do eSports gaming sleeves work?

Muscles need oxygen to function, and the more intense the effort, the greater the need. Blood carries oxygen . Thus, by promoting venous return, the oxygen supply to the muscles is favored, optimizing their performance.

On the other hand, in the case of muscle pain, the wrists can limit the sensation of pain by reducing shock and vibration, which will occur during a competitive game.

This leads to increased blood flow , also called venous return. This is how we will bring fresh oxygen to our muscles in quantity and more quickly.

The main advantages of the cuff

The Arm sleeves present many advantages.

  • Strengthens venous return, that is to say it accelerates blood flow
  • Reduces toxin buildup in a muscle that naturally accumulates a lot
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins during exercise
  • Improved recovery after exercise
  • Reduction of pain associated with physical activity and reduction of muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Improved endurance, and extension of effort
  • Vibration reduction muscular
  • Improved oxygenation of muscles , tendons and ligaments
  • Better ability to regulate humidity and ability to absorb perspiration.

DM techs gaming sleeves are manufactured with all the latest technologies in textile engineering.

If you are a gamer and looking to improve your performance, having a gaming sleeve is essential.

Gaming cuff


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